It is a therapeutic touch, from exposure to the resultant to heat your hands on the patient\'s body. This type of massage is not known and popular private but offered in combination with the traditional of the medicine treatment and reaches a concrete foot massage plody.Osobenno effectively, which not only makes the skin soft and supple, but in some cases it helps by this scourge to many women to get rid of - cellulite. Moreover, it is often used foot massage therapy and prevention of diseases such check this site orlistat out as varicose veins, severe swelling and thus prevent further. D.Snachala rubbing feet, starting with the feet and work your way up to the hips, then gently wipe the tub and go to the belly rub. It should be wiped in a clockwise belly wool, because the circulation of blood in the gut as is exactly obrazom.Smeshat 10 grams of pollen with 100 ml of olive oil and heat at a low heat until the rate of 50-60 ° C cooled, 7 grams of crushed propolis mix.
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